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    how do i revert to the older version that doesn’t require 5.4?
    We are about to move to PHP7 – but the plugin has stopped working and showing up ?

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    I changed this:

    // check PHP version
    $ure_required_php_version = ‘5.3’;

    I hope it’s not going to break anything.. but we really need the plugin to be active. thoughts?


    This change may produce PHP fatal error in some cases as URE Pro v. 4.47.2 uses some PHP functions available at PHP 5.4 only.

    I recommend to revert installed URE Pro to the previous version – 4.47.1. You can get it from the same download page – scroll to “Previous versions” section and select version from the list. Just replace user-role-edito-pro folder with files from 4.47.2. There was no any changes in the used data format.

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    Thanks – I have reverted, and will wait for our upgrade before updating to higher version.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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