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    I am having a problem where if a page requires a role to view it, the “Access Error Message” always shows on the page whether the user has the correct role or not. If the user does not have the role, the Access Error Message shows correctly. If the user does have the role, then both the page content and the Access Error Message shows. The Access Error Message shows above the page content. What is wrong here? How can I get the Access Error Message to go away if the user has access to the page? I am using version 4.35.2.

    Description of settings:

    In User Role Editor – Settings -> Additional Modules
    Activate content view restrictions – checked

    These are selected:
    Allow View
    All visitors (logged in or not)
    Show Access Error Message

    The error access message is

    I create a page with the
    Allow View
    Selected User Roles: bbp_moderator
    Show access error message

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    Custom fields include:

    ure_content_for_roles bbp_keymaster
    ure_content_view_whom 3
    ure_post_access_error_action 2
    ure_prohibit_allow_flag 2

    I haven’t edited any of these.

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    Nevermind. This was my error. In my plugin to display the access error message, I was echoing instead of returning the message.


    Thanks for letting me know that problem was resolved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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