Thanks for your fast reply.

I don’t understand this statement. Can you say it again maybe in a different way? I am not a coder so it’s a bit confusing. The first part is asking who is the author of the post created in Gravity forms, I think (I am not sure who it is….).I don’t understand what you said about adding User ID to a list….where would I do that?

“2. Look, what user(s) is the author of post created by Gravity Forms. Add user ID to the list of authors which post you allow to edit for this user.


    “Is “gravityforms_export_entries” capability shown turned ON even after your turn it OFF and update the role?” –

    No – it’s just empty. It stays empty all the time, no matter what I do to it, and they can export. I mean, the capability box is never checked and it is never listed in the user’s capabilities list on their user page.