Better Docs (BD) protects its admin menu items using this user capabilities by default:
BetterDocs – edit_posts
All Docs – edit_posts
Add New – edit_posts
Categories – delete_others_posts
Tags – delete_others_posts
Quick Setup – delete_users
Settings – administrator

It’s possible to replace the default capabilities using custom filters. Look below which filters BD plugin uses for this purpose:

$betterdocs_articles_caps = apply_filters( 'betterdocs_articles_caps', 'edit_posts', 'article_roles' );
		$betterdocs_terms_caps = apply_filters( 'betterdocs_terms_caps', 'delete_others_posts', 'article_roles' );
		$betterdocs_settings_caps = apply_filters( 'betterdocs_settings_caps', 'administrator', 'settings_roles' );