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Rose Ting

I am also having the same problem.

I don’t have WooCommence.

I set up a new role. I could see the admin bar fine.

I then ticked the hide admin bar. It hid it but when I tried to untick it, I couldn’t get the admin back.

I cleared the server and browser caches over and over and also disabled the cache plugin to no avail.

I then tried to get to it by entering


I got there but the left hand admin menu contained a weird selection of options, none of which were the ones selected on the admin menu.

I have created a new role now with a different name and copied Author and avoided the hide admin bar box to get around it which worked fine.

However when I then deleted the old user role and re-created it by copying Author, it still had the same problem which implies there is a cache somewhere which I can’t clear?

Have you any ideas or maybe the dalkid75 could let me know how he got out of the fix.

Many thanks