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It’s the 1st time when someone tries to use “Content view restrictions” settings for the bbPress forums. Thanks for showing the issue which it raises. It seems I have to exclude bbPress’s custom post types (forum, topic, reply) from the “Content view restrictions” add-on scope.

“Content view restrictions” add-on is developed for the existing content: posts, pages, custom post types. That is for item, which is published from the back-end and authorized persons defines for it the view permissions.
Replies/answers is sent to forum topic from front-end by ordinal users, which are not authorized to set view permissions for their posts.
So “reply” custom post type item is published with default permissions – visible to all.

If you restricted view for topic, it’s visibility for not authorized user depends from the selected access error action:
– topic is fully hidden from the topics list if “404” was selected,
– topic title is shown for all if “error message” was selected, even if user does not have permission to view this topic.

Restriction applies just to this topic custom post type item content (description), and does not apply to any reply/answer sent to this topic, as ‘reply’ is another custom post type created by bbPress and every item may/should have own view permissions – which may be set directly at the reply backend editor.

Sorry for the long and possibly not too clear explanation, but finally I do not recommend to use “Content view restrictions” add-on for bbPress topics and replies. It’s not suitable for this purpose.

View restrictions for bbPress forums and topics requires a special solution.

Let me know if you are interested for custom solution which would restrict view of forum and/or topic by the user role. I may write it for testing with your help as the base for the future add-on for User Role Editor Pro.