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Right. I explained that URE hides ‘administrator’ role and users with ‘administrator’ role by default from any user without ‘administrator’ role at your previous topic. More – URE hides all users with administrator role from any other user with ‘administrator’ role. This protection measure does not take effect for the WordPress built-in superadmin with ID=1.

User with ‘ure_manage_options’ capability is a superadmin for User Role Editor. So admin protection does not applied for such user too.

If you wish to switch this logic off use URE’s custom filter ‘ure_supress_administrators_protection’.

add_filter('ure_supress_administrators_protection', 'switch_off_ure_administrators_protection', 10, 1);
function switch_off_ure_administrators_protection($supress_protection) {

    $supress_protection = true;
    return $supress_protection;

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