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Hi Vladimir, I am back again with my problems. So the problem came back. But however it is more often that it will lead to a 502 bad gateway when they try to login.

But what we have found out that as we have a front end login which can be used to access the wp-admin also from the admin bar. Is that if the admin with some privileges log in the front end it will login smoothly, no problems. But the admin can not access dashboard. All other pages are accessible in the backend. So this is why the wp-login page will lead to an error, because dashboard does not work for some reason.

What we believe is that there is a widget that conflicts with the privileges we have given these users. So far we have not found anything. If you have any ideas how we could solve this, It will appreciated a lot.

And as told you before sometimes (but rarely) it will lead also to a memory exhaust.

So there must be a conflict that we are saying go to dashboard page and in this page there is a something that is not accessible. Would this sound possible to you?