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Hi Urs,

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature for custom URL arguments added by plugins. “Block not selected” is too restrictive. It blocks any URL which belongs to the admin menu but differs from the selected/allowed by the list of arguments. When you discover this for WP built-in features – it’s a bug. I include a fix into URE Pro directly. If URL argument comes from some plugin: for popular plugin I can add support for such plugin directly to URE Pro. For others – there is a special filter in URE Pro, which allows to change the list of allowed arguments for URL. Take a code below and insert it to your active theme functions.php file or set it as a Must Use plugin:

add_filter('ure_admin_menu_access_allowed_args', 'ure_allow_arg_for_upload', 10, 1);

function ure_allow_arg_for_upload($args) {

    $args['upload.php'][''][] = 'rml_folder';
    return $args;


This should fix your problem with redirection from this URL for restricted role.