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Hi Benny,

WPML: wpml_% capabilities were lost somehow. I added 3 of them. ‘WPML’ menu is available for admin now.

1st results for ‘My Testimonials’ access. You changed this plugin custom post type to ‘testimonial’ in its Settings.
Plugin commercegurus-toolkit registers ‘testimonials’ custom post type which conflicts with ‘My Testimonials’ after you turn ON ‘force custom post type to use own capabilities’ in URE.
1) If you deactivate ‘commercegurus-toolkit’ plugin you will get back full access to ‘My Testimonials’.
2) If you turn OFF related option at URE Settings you will get back full access to ‘My Testimonials’ without deactivating ‘commercegurus-toolkit’ plugin.
For the 1st glance, some mess with custom post types registration takes place here. CPT registered by ‘commercegurus-toolkit’ (Projects, Showcases, Testimonials, Top Reviews, Announcements) are not available in WP admin menu until you switch to other theme, like WP default 2017 one.