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Hi Lori,

In general, a recent update does not include any critical changes to lead to so critical results. There are a lot of different installations and while home testing didn’t show any problem, it’s possible to meet one any way. That’s why it’s a rule of thumb to install any update to the stage/test copy of your live/production site and test there 1st. Or at least to create a fresh backup copy of your data before install the update.

Does a problem still exist if you deactivate URE Pro plugin?
Do you see custom post types if you login as a superadmin?
Does your ‘administrator’ role has all user capabilities included or some capabilities were lost?
Do you see any PHP error messages at your web server system log files?

Can you reproduce a problem? That is install a copy of files and data on a moment before URE update, install update and get a problem you described? I mean that I need to reproduce it too in my local development environment, in order to start work on a fix.