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If all 3 users added to this subsite have an ‘administrator’ role, then any current user (except superadmin) with ‘administrator’ role will not see other users with the same role and see the empty users list. URE adds this protection to exclude a case when one single site administrator changes permissions for another.

If you trust to all single site administrators it’s possible to switch off this protection using ‘ure_supress_administrators_protection’ filter. It returns ‘FALSE’ by default. If you will return ‘TRUE’ from this filter then protection will be switched off.

add_filter('ure_supress_administrators_protection', 'ure_supress_administrators_protection', 10, 1);
function ure_supress_administrators_protection ($supress) {
  return true;

Just insert code above to your active theme functions.php file.

WordPress assigns roles to users on a per site basis. So if user has an ‘administrator’ role at one site it does not mean that he has the same role at all subsites automatically.
When you open user’s capabilities at the “Network Admin Center->Users” you see role assigned to a user for the main site only (usually ID=1).
If you wish that user has the same role for all network you can click “Update Network” button. The important condition – this role should exist for all subsites.
In order to replicate all roles from the main site to all subsites you can click “Update Network” from “Network Admin->Users->User Role Editor”. Then all subsites will have the same roles and capabilities as the main site has.