You are right. My apologies – I had ‘Force custom post types to use their own capabilities’ option turned ON at my test site User Role Editor Settings page. So I had a different picture and misleaded you, slightly I hope.

By default, ‘WordPress Team Manager’ uses the same capabilities for its CPT ‘team_manager’ as WordPress does for the posts.

Let’s start from the very begin. Do you as admin see at the ‘Team’ menu some list of the members with different groups? User with ‘editor’ role should see them all also.
For example:
If you activated ‘Activate user access management to editing selected posts, pages, custom post types’ option at URE’s Settings, you should see the ‘Posts Edit’ button at the User Role Editor. If you open it for the ‘Editor’ role and input some groups ID (comma separated) there, you will see as the Editor just members from those groups.