Hi Jawad,

How do you delete the old version of URE? If you clicked ‘Delete’ at WordPress admin – the result is expected all file and data related to the plugin were deleted.

1) When you change capabilities or roles URE stop his work at that point. All permissions checking made further is done by WordPress. URE take part just when you use additional modules, like admin menu or edit restrictions.
I can not repeat a described issue. WordPress shows permissions error properly in this case. Send a list of capabilities available to such user.

2) delete_shop_order, delete_shop_orders are the same. WordPress uses ‘delete_shop_order’ for internal use and converts it finally to the ‘delete_shop_orders’. I think that WooCommerce should not create ‘delete_shop_order’ capability apparently, as WordPress does not create ‘delete_post’ for example.
‘delete_shop_order_terms’ – related to the taxonomy linked to the orders. Like categories or tags linked to the posts.

3) I will check what I can do with it and let you know the result. Such code may cost $20-$30.