Options List – General

Some options from the list below could be available at Pro version only.

user role editor general options
User Role Editor General options

  • Show Administrator role at User Role Editor – turn this option on in order to make the “Administrator” role available at the User Role Editor roles selection drop-down list. It is hidden by default for security reasons.
    Option ID: show_admin_role.
    Custom filter to set its value in PHP: ure_get_option_show_admin_role.
  • Show capabilities in the human readable form – automatically converts capability names from the technical internal use form like “edit_others_posts” to more user friendly one, e.g. “Edit others posts”.
    Option ID: ure_caps_readable.
    Custom filter to set this option value in PHP: ure_get_option_ure_caps_readable.
  • Show deprecated capabilities – Capabilities like “level_0”, “level_1” are deprecated and are not used by WordPress. They are left at the user roles for the compatibility purpose with the older themes and plugins code. Turning ON this option will show those deprecated capabilities. Deprecated user capabilities are still available at User Role Editor under the “Deprecated” group even if this option is turned OFF.
    Option ID: ure_show_deprecated_caps.
    Custom filter to set this option value in PHP: ure_get_option_ure_show_deprecated_caps.
  • Confirm role update – Show confirmation dialog before save changes made to a current role.
    Option ID: ure_confirm_role_update.
    Custom filter to set this option value in PHP: ure_get_option_ure_confirm_role_update.
  • Edit user capabilities – If this option is switched OFF – “Capabilities” section of selected user is shown in a “read only” mode. Administrator can not assign capabilities to a user directly. He can grant permissions to a user only via roles assigned to him.
    Option ID: edit_user_caps.
    Custom filter to set this option value in PHP: ure_get_option_edit_user_caps.
  • Show plugins/themes notices to admin only – Show update or install notices generated by plugins or themes to the users with “install_plugins” capability only.
    Option ID: show_notices_to_admin_only.
    Custom filter to set this option value PHP: ure_get_option_show_notices_to_admin_only.

It’s possible to change option value via custom filter. For example:

add_filter('ure_get_option_show_admin_role', 'my_show_admin_role');
function my_show_admin_role($value) {
  $value = true;
  return $value;

Insert this (similar) code to the functions.php file from your active theme folder or setup as a “must use” plugin.