How to add to User Role Editor a custom capabilities group

For example you are plugin developer and added the list of custom user capabilities, like ‘team_%’. Is it possible to show them in User Role Editor under the ‘Custom Capabiliteis->Team’ group similar to the “User Role Editor” group itself or “WooCommerce” one?

ure custom capabilities group
URE custom capabilities group

Yes, it’s possible via custom filters. Use the code sample below as a starting point:

add_filter( 'ure_capabilities_groups_tree', 'add_team_group', 10, 1 );
function add_team_group( $groups ) {
    $groups['team'] = array('caption'=>esc_html__('Team', 'your-text-domain'), 'parent'=>'custom', 'level'=>2);
    return $groups;
add_filter( 'ure_custom_capability_groups', 'get_team_caps_groups', 10, 2 );
function get_team_caps_groups( $groups, $cap_id ) {
    $team_caps = array( 
    if ( in_array( $cap_id, $team_caps ) ) {
        $groups[] = 'custom';
        $groups[] = 'team';
    return $groups;