How to add to User Role Editor a custom capabilities group

For example you are plugin developer and added the list of custom user capabilities, like ‘team_%’. Is it possible to show them in User Role Editor under the ‘Custom Capabiliteis->Team’ group similar to the “User Role Editor” group itself or “WooCommerce” one?

Yes, it’s possible via custom filters. Use the code sample below as a starting point:

add_filter( 'ure_capabilities_groups_tree', 'add_team_group', 10, 1 );

function add_team_group( $groups ) {
    $groups['team'] = array('caption'=>esc_html__('Team', 'your-text-domain'), 'parent'=>'custom', 'level'=>2);
    return $groups;

add_filter( 'ure_custom_capability_groups', 'get_team_caps_groups', 10, 2 );

function get_team_caps_groups( $groups, $cap_id ) {
    $team_caps = array( 
    if ( in_array( $cap_id, $team_caps ) ) {
        $groups[] = 'custom';
        $groups[] = 'team';
    return $groups;