Do not change password

This additional option for a role hides from user “Account Management section” at the user profile page. User can not change his own password after that.

// Hide "Account management" section at the user profile page
add_filter( 'ure_role_additional_options', 'add_hide_user_profile_password_option', 10, 1 );
function add_hide_user_profile_password_option($items) {
$item = URE_Role_Additional_Options::create_item( 'hide_user_profile_password', esc_html__('Do not change password', 'user-role-editor'), 'init', 'hide_user_profile_password' );
$items[$item->id] = $item;

return $items;

function hide_user_profile_password() {

add_filter('show_password_fields', 'show_password_fields');


function show_password_fields( $show ) {
$show = false;

return $show;