Block admin access to front-end navigation menus

WordPress “Appearance->Menus” page allows to create/edit the list of front-end navigation menus. WordPress user capability ‘edit_theme_options’ allows full access the menus editor page: wp-admin/nav-menus.php. If you need to block for some user the subset of selected front-end navigation menus in this menu editor “Navigation menu access” add-on will help you.

1st, you activate add-on at the “Settings->User Role Editor->Additional Modules” tab:

activate navigation menus access add-on
Activate navigation menus access add-on

Then you will see new “Nav. Menus” button at Users->User Role Editor toolbar. In order to see this button at the User Role Editor toolbar user should have ‘ure_nav_menus_access’ capability. Role ‘administrator’ should receive ‘ure_nav_menus_access’ capability automatically. If this was not happened, deactivate URE and activate it back. This action will definitely add required capabilities to ‘administrator’ role and provide for it a full access to User Role Editor Pro.

ure nav. menus tool button
URE Nav. Menus tool button

Select role for which you wish to block access to some navigation menus at the “Appearance->Menus” page and click “Nav. Menus” button. You will see “Navigation Menus Access” dialog window.

ure navigation menus access dialog
Navigation menus access dialog

Turn ON checkboxes for menus which you wish to block/hide for this role at the menu editor page. Restricted role will not can create new menus after that. Blocked menus will not be available for selection at the “Select a menu to edit” dropdown list. “Manage Locations” tab will be hidden too.
Instead of default control panel:

menus management panel
Menus management panel

user will see a restricted one:
restricted menus management panel
Restricted menus management panel