Sorry, that was my fault. I did not pay attention on the word ‘specific’ at your 1st message.
Current version does not include the interface to restrict editing posts/pages by role. It is good feature request and I will add this functionality to Pro version with time.
Now you may use this piece of code to prohibit your users with ‘editor’ role access to the list of pages:

if (is_blog_admin() && current_user_can('editor')) {
    add_action('pre_get_posts', 'restrict_posts_list');
    function restrict_posts_list($query) {

            $suppressing_filters = $query->get('suppress_filters'); // Filter suppression on?

            if ($suppressing_filters) {
                return query;

            if ($query->query['post_type']=='page') {            
                $posts_restriction_type = 2; // Prohibit
                $posts_list = array(442, 484);   // comma separated list of pages IDs
                if ($posts_restriction_type==1) {   // Allow
                    $query->set('post__in', $posts_list);
                } else {    // Prohibit
                    $query->set('post__not_in', $posts_list);

            return $query;
    // restrict_posts_list()

Replace pages ID at $posts_list array and add this code to your active theme functions.php file.