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City Dev

Did some additional testing with a very basic single role setup with no IDs and also with a single ID.

As long as there are no IDs to restrict what pages a user role has access to, the user can see all pages and there are no issues with pages disappearing and no longer being visible as they sort, filter, or paginate through them.

As soon as even a single ID is added to what pages a user can access, the results are hit and miss. The page and all its children and grandchildren may display and then after a period of time, the available pages are reduced down to just the parent IDs.

My setup has been the same since 2016 and I only started receiving reports of this issue occurring beginning around February 7, 2024. Since then, I’ve been unable to figure out what changed that is now causing my setup to no longer work.

It’s always been very basic setup of department roles (holds all the IDs and is set to allow) + functionality roles (forms, pages, posts, etc… all set to allow) and it’s always worked until recently.