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Tested with this code:

TEST 1. roles=”none” for a user NOT LOGGED-IN:
RESULT: [user_role_editor roles=”none”]you are NOT LOGGED-IN[/user_role_editor]
[user_role_editor except_roles=”none”]you are LOGGED-IN[/user_role_editor]

TEST 2. roles=”no_role” for a user with NO-ROLE-FOR-SITE (or not logged-in):
RESULT: [user_role_editor roles=”no_role”]your profile is NO-ROLE-FOR-SITE (or you are not logged-in)[/user_role_editor]
[user_role_editor except_roles=”no_role”]your profile is any, except NO-ROLE-FOR-SITE[/user_role_editor]


if you want to update

Shortcode for content view access restriction

I have wrote this:
If you wish to show some content for users with no role (“— No role for this site —”) or not logged in, use this shortcode [user_role_editor roles=”no_role”].