You have to resolve this issue with Tutor LMS developers.

Tutor LMS automatically restricts all users, who are don’t have role ‘administrator’, but have role ‘tutor_instructor’, by posts created by current user – for all post types, including WooCommerce products, orders, etc. I think, this is a bug, and they should restrict access for the own custom post types only, not for all as they do currently.

I tested free version of Tutor LMS. I granted to user with editor role the 2nd role – tutor_instructor. Editor automatically lost access to the all posts and pages except his own.

Here is the code responsible for the problem (tutor/classes/Admin.php):

add_action('admin_init', array($this, 'filter_posts_for_instructors'));


 * Filter posts for instructor
public function filter_posts_for_instructors(){
	if ( ! current_user_can('administrator') && current_user_can(tutor()->instructor_role)){
		@remove_menu_page( 'edit-comments.php' ); //Comments
		add_filter( 'posts_clauses_request', array($this, 'posts_clauses_request') );

public function posts_clauses_request($clauses){
	global $wpdb;

	$user_id = get_current_user_id();

	$get_assigned_courses_ids = $wpdb->get_col($wpdb->prepare("SELECT meta_value from {$wpdb->usermeta} WHERE meta_key = '_tutor_instructor_course_id' AND user_id = %d", $user_id));

	$custom_author_query = "AND {$wpdb->posts}.post_author = {$user_id}";
	if (is_array($get_assigned_courses_ids) && count($get_assigned_courses_ids)){
		$in_query_pre = implode(',', $get_assigned_courses_ids);
		$custom_author_query = "  AND ( {$wpdb->posts}.post_author = {$user_id} OR {$wpdb->posts}.ID IN({$in_query_pre}) ) ";

	$clauses['where'] .= $custom_author_query;

	return $clauses;