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1st, “Activate per plugin user access management for plugins activation” add-on has another purpose. It’s designed when you prepare the site for a client, installed and activated some plugins and do not wish that client see them and can deactivate, but at the same time you wish to allow for client to activate/deactivate some other pre-installed plugins. It’s all not about access to the some specific items at the admin menu.

2nd, you have “Admin menu access” add-on. Which you can use:
1) to get information about what capability protects what admin menu item. Just open “Admin menu” for the ‘Administrator’ role, which has access to the all admin menu items by default.
2) In case you can not block/hide unneeded menu items revoking related user capability from user role, like ‘manage_options’ for example, you can block the “Settings” menu item here, but user still will have access to the menu, which is also protected by ‘manage_options’.

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