You have to take into account that Amelia plugin create its admin menu “Amelia” with submenu items only for user who has at least one of Amelia’s user roles or who is a superadmin:

        $ameliaRole = UserRoles::getUserAmeliaRole(wp_get_current_user());

        // Init menu if user is logged in with amelia role
        if (in_array($ameliaRole, ['admin', 'manager', 'provider', 'customer'])) {
            if ($ameliaRole === 'admin') {

            $menuItems = new Menu($settingsService);

– ‘admin’=’administrator’ WordPress role;
– ‘manager’=’wpamelia-manager’;
– ‘provider’=’wpamelia-provider’;
– ‘customer’=’wpamelia-customer’.
So you can use your own custom user role but grant it to a user together with one of Amelia own user roles from the list above.