Admin menu access add-on helps with this:

Block WordPress Admin Menu Items

If you wish to see full list of administrator menu items open “Admin menu” for the “Administrator” role.
There is no sense to block menu items for administrator. So checkboxes are unavailable here. It is a very good start point for WordPress menu user permissions study and research. You may use “Admin Menu” dialog here as the reference for your work with roles and capabilities as “Admin Menu” shows what user capability restricts access to what admin menu item including menu items added by active plugins.

Some plugins use own user capabilities, some plugins use one from WordPress built-in capabilities, like ‘manage_options’, ‘edit_posts’, etc.

The 1st step is to look what capabilities plugin uses to protect its menu. Open “Admin menu” for the ‘Administrator’ role, find needed menu item and look to the ‘User Capability’ column.
If you don’t wish a role has access to this menu, revoke from it the related user capabilities. If you can not revoke some capabilities as they are needed for access to other menu items, like ‘edit_posts’ then block unneeded menu items with “Admin menu access” add-on.
Similar if you need to provide to a role access for some menu item – grant to it the related user capabilities. Then check if it get access to unneeded menu items (like in case when you grant ‘manage_options’ capability) and block unneeded menu items with “Admin menu access” add-on.