This Feature would be GREAT! In the new Version of WP the Block Library and the “Gutenberg Templates” are improved. So it would be perfect, do restrict them with permissions for different editor roles.

Give complex Blocks, Block library elements and Templates only to advanced users.
Give simple ones to regular editors.

I did a lot of research for this features. No one is really offering it at the moment! So this would be a big improvement for all of us. The only plugin which is pointing in this direction is https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-gutenberg/ (but i think it is restricted to their own blocks….)

Also there is no option to share/import/export profiles, or use them over multisite.

What do you think about this feature?

We are building two multisites for 2 non-profit organisations at the moment, where we could need this feature.
=> so if you need some Beta-testing and Feedback, i would be happy to assist you!

Best regards