Thanks for the provided access to the source code. There were similar error reports at wordpress.org support forum. I duplicate the answer here:

The reason of a problem is a line of code at the BuddyBoss platform plugin. Open wp-content/plugins/buddyboss-platform/bp-load.php file and look at the line #149:

apply_filters( 'all_plugins', 'bp_core_unset_bbpress_buddypress_active_all_plugins', - 1 );

It incorrectly calls `apply_filters’ for WordPress core ‘all_plugins’ filter. Why do I think so? Be cause of it sends to it not array with plugins list, as WordPress itself does at includes/class-wp-plugins-list-table.php:91:
$all_plugins = apply_filters( 'all_plugins', get_plugins() );
where function get_plugins() returns “array Key is the plugin file path and the value is an array of the plugin data”.

But it sends own function ‘bp_core_unset_bbpress_buddypress_active_all_plugins’ and priority value: -1. These parameters are valid for add_filter() function.
I suppose this is just a typo.

More, bp_core_unset_bbpress_buddypress_active_all_plugins() function which belongs to BuddyBoss Platform plugin accept a single $plugins parameter and returns it unchanged.

So quick fix is replace line #149 with this valid version:

add_filter( 'all_plugins', 'bp_core_unset_bbpress_buddypress_active_all_plugins', - 1 );