Thanks for this information.

User Role Editor (URE) hides itself from not administrator users who have access to the “Plugins” page. URE uses ‘all_plugins’ WordPress filter to exclude itself from the installed plugins list.
Look at this filter official definition:


This filter should take parameter of type array, not the string, as BuddyBoss sends, according to the line #2 from the stack trace:

#2 /wp-content/plugins/buddyboss-platform/bp-loader.php(149): apply_filters(‘all_plugins’, ‘bp_core_unset_b…’, -1);

URE tries unset array element for its own record in line 461:

459 // exclude URE from plugins list
460 $key = basename(URE_PLUGIN_DIR) . ‘/’ . URE_PLUGIN_FILE;
461 unset($plugins[$key]);

Look at the screenshot below. I took it from PHP debugger at my test site.
ure all_plugins hook debug
$plugins parameter contains array of installed plugins as it should by WordPress design and documentation.

But at your site $plugins modified by BuddyBoss executed ‘all_plugins’ filter earlier with lower priority (-1 comparing to default 10), contains not array with plugins list, but the string ‘bp_core_unset_b…’. Finally, I see this as a reason of PHP error, raised inside URE code.

I’m ready to investigate the issue further if you can provide me BuddyBoss plugin (plus a theme if required) for testing. Share it with support [at-sign] role-editor.com via Google Drive or similar.