I figured out what was causing my problem. You mentioned that the Administrator role is hidden from other non-admin users with the list_users and promote_users capabilities in their role.

Apparently, any role whose name contains the word ‘Administrator’ in it is hidden along with the Administrator role.

Like I mentioned, I was using the terms Gold and Silver only for purpose of example. In my sites, the custom role I’d created which has been giving me all the trouble is called Limited Administrator. When I created a new role with the same capabilities but whose name didn’t have the word ‘Administrator’ in it and assigned it to a user, it functioned correctly. This was also confirmed when I realized that another role, named Events Administrator, on one of my sites was hidden along with the Limited Administrator role.

I should be able to proceed from here as long as I don’t create any more roles with the word ‘Administrator’ in their name.

Thank you! I appreciate your time in helping me figure this out.