I “Network activated” provided plugin. I added a menu to the network admin and it shows this information at its page:

Plugin Version: 4.2.7 [Free] (One User, One account per Network)
You are using “Single User” version of the plugin. This version could be used only on a single site by a single user.

So this version of “Social networks” plugin could not be managed (change settings) by “all authors of any sites”, but just one user on a single site. That is social network accounts may belong to a single user only.

Menu of this plugin at selected subsite is protected this way:
SNAP|AutoPoster – haveown_snap_accss
Accounts – haveown_snap_accss
Quick Post – haveown_snap_accss
Query/Timeline – haveown_snap_accss
Reposter – manage_options
Settings – manage_options
Log/History – haveown_snap_accss
Help/Support – manage_options

“Auto Poster” plugin has its own “User privileges/security” section inside of the “SNAP/Auto Poster”->”Settings” page. It can itself add own custom capabilities ‘see_snap_box’ and ‘make_snap_posts’ to the selected roles.