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I will reach out to the Clientside Developer and have him fix the permission issues that the plugin is causing. He is very responsive and willing to make his product better.

Only thing I will add is that I noticed you are looking at the admin menu options via the Sub Site. I am referring to the NETWORK control options not the sub site controls of URE. The delete site and mailgun both show on the Sub Site.

BUT Those options don’t show at all from the network URE Admin Menu Options. My Concern is if I change the network options for admin menu it will overwrite what has been set on the sub sites.

I understand you won’t make URE compatible with Clientside. I’m not asking you to and I will have the deveveloper fix permission issues so that it works with Clientside.

But can you at least answer the question regarding why mailgun and delete site only show on the subsites and not in the network control options?

Thanks again