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Let me insist that Clienside plugin makes changes not compatible with WordPress default policy, and thus URE is not compatible with it.
URE shows user capability taken from the WordPress global $menu and $submenu structures. All them are shown as ‘read’.
Thus full submenus are available to the ‘editor’ role while it does not has full list of existing capabilities.

Btw, ‘Delete site’ menu item was not selected for blocking. May be it was a reason while this menu item was still visible for the user with ‘editor’ role.

But the “Tools” submenu contains just 2 items which available to the ‘editor’ role according to its real capabilities. The same is correct for the other submenu.

More, “Mailgun” and “Mailgun Lists” becomes visible under the “Settings” menu. They were unselected when I made screenshot. They disappeared from the “editor” point of view after I blocked them here.

The only unresolved issue is “Page builder” welcome page menu item.
A problem is that it does not exists in admin menu while a user or role has real access to at least one of the “Page builder” menu items. This menu items is created by js-composer plugin for user who does not have access to its menu at all. So we can not block it via URE’s admin menu.

It’s possible to hide it via custom code only.

My final conclusion, ‘Clientside’ is really involved to the reported problems.

I will not spent time for compatibility of URE with Clientside. The plugin should respect permissions of WordPress global structures, such as admin menu.

So if you will decide to stay with ‘Clientside’, I’m ready to refund your payment for User Role Editor.