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Hi, @Shweta wondering if this workflow has continued to be reliable/practical for you?

, wondering if/how this was implemented?

I think now that it will be better to move ‘Appy to All sites’ checkbox from a main form to the update confirmation dialog opened after click on ‘Update’ button, to not confuse users. And may be add ‘Appy to All sites’ checkbox to the dialogs opened for other buttons.

…basically, seems like ‘Apply to All sites’ option is much better fit in day-to-day operational workflows (than the current ‘Update Network’ action which seems like something I will use rarely if ever) since in networks I administer generally all subsites need to have at least option to maintain some unique roles/capabilities.

Imo, having to go to the main site to push specific changes is not most efficient workflow… would be really great to have options as you’ve described available at Network lvl UI panel, so I’m hoping that this was realized, or is in progress… pls advise 🙂
Cheers, Max