Thanks for the clarification. We looked at the different versions. Download link at https://wordpress.org/plugins/redirection/
leads to the version 3.2, but “Download Plugin” button at the https://redirection.me/ leads to the version 3.2.1 (development version).
v. 3.2. uses for admin menu item “Tools->Redirection” the ‘administrator’ role, but v. 3.2.1 (which I tested) uses ‘manage_options’ already.
You can update to version 3.2.1 or use this filter to change ‘administrator’ to ‘manage_options’ or your own custom capability:

add_filter('redirection_role', 'replace_redirection_cap', 10, 1);
function replace_redirection_cap($cap) {

    $cap = 'manage_options';
    return $cap;

I recommend the 2nd variant, as version 3.2.1 still use ‘administrator’ in some places, for the REST API calls, for example.