>>Are you sure it is the ‘manage_options’ checkbox?
Yes, I’m sure. I test it before send the answer to you. Look at the screenshots.
access to redirection plugin
Look at readme.txt of Redirection plugin, line 135:
“Permissions changed from ‘administrator’ role to ‘manage_options’ capability”.
Look at the redirection-admin.php, line #342:

$hook = add_management_page( 'Redirection', 'Redirection', apply_filters( 'redirection_role', 'manage_options' ), basename( REDIRECTION_FILE ), array( &$this, 'admin_screen' ) );

>> Redirection shows under Administrator so a plugin is not what is blocking it from displaying.
Some plugin, User Role Editor for example does not block ‘administrator’ by design, but block any other role according to the settings made.

Temporal deactivating of all plugins to check if not some plugin causes a problem is the 1st measure when something goes wrong with WordPress. You can unintentionally block this menu for a role, with URE “Admin menu” access add-on for example. That’s why I offer to deactivate all plugins.

If it’s not applicable to your site, make its full backup (with Updraft Plus plugin or similar) and restore as a stage/test copy, proceed your tests with it.