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A list of roles which are assigned to a user at subsite is not updated. But roles specific to a subsite are removed from subsite after the network update saves to subsites the roles from the main site. Older roles are still assigned to a user after the such update, but they are counted and shown as the custom capabilities assigned directly to a user, not as roles, because of these roles do not exist.

“Apply to all sites” has always been at the root site level. It’s a feature from free version of URE. I do not show this interface element at network UI to not mislead the users having at one page 2 interface elements which are both related to the network role(s) update, but work so differently. May an option ‘Replicate a current role only’ at the opened dialog window will be more suitable in this case. What do you think?

Select the best strategy of roles update according to your own needs. Just take into account, that data are replicated differently in those cases. If you need to have different roles at subsites comparing to the main site you should not use “Update Network”. So ‘Yes’ it’s better to replicate single role from the main site.