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Hello Vladimir,

Revisiting this with an update. We have shibboleth plugin configured to set Primary role to “Subscriber” on each login – so that sort of solved the mystery.

This time, I have a question for what happens when we do “Update Network”.
Setup includes
1) Multisite with roles and users at network level.
2) There are sub sites, that have users with “Other Roles” set with site-specific roles, and or network level roles. Some sites need roles that should not visible to other sites.

Test Workflow:
1) Add a capability to a network level role- “Site Editor”
2) Update Network

Expected result is that only the capabilities of that role, for all subsites is updated. The User>Role Assignment is not modified.

However, after the Update Network, we notice that sub site level user>role assignment is lost.

Can you please explain what we need to do, so we don’t have users losing roles on sub sites, but we are still able to add/remove capabilities for network level roles.