I found and fixed a bug in the child pages ID list selection algorithm. Thanks a lot for your help in isolating this bug.
I see the same posts list currently at your test site as I do at my local test environment.

I added 1 month to your subscription in return for your help.

your screenshot did not actually show the correct access. I’m looking for the user to have access only to GTO posts/pages/etc. Your screenshot showed access to all 86 posts.

You prohibited access to the posts with “Curator Access” taxonomies ID according this list: 96, 97, 98, 100, 101, 102, 103, 137. After login with test user Jane do you see any post with this ‘Div.’ taxonomy in the list of those 86 available posts. I don’t. There are 2 posts with allowed GTO taxonomy and others – uncategorized. Uncategorize at ‘Div.’ taxonomy posts are not prohibited as they don’t have a this taxonomy at all. Possible workaround – add to the list of ‘Div.’ taxonomies some dummy item to use as uncategorized, assign it to these posts and add such dummy taxonomy ID to the list of prohibited taxonomies or just assign them some existing ‘Div.’ taxonomy.