Yes, I had blocked menu items. So here’s what I think happened.

1. I used the Admin Menu Module, but gave full 6/6 rights to the contributor role for users. It would allow the contributor to create new users, but not browse or search.

2. I assumed the error might be related to the disabled non-Pro version of the plug-in, so I uninstalled it. What I didn’t realize is that when I uninstalled it, it unchecked the Admin Menu option in the Pro version of the plug-in.

3. I then assumed uninstalling the non-Pro version fixed the problem because the Contributor role could create, browse, and search users, but what really happened is the uninstall turned off the Admin module.

4. I turned the Admin module back on and once again, I couldn’t browse or search users. All options in the Admin module were set to allow the Contributor to perform all actions except edit and delete pages, or access the Role Editor. Those were the only actions not permitted for the Contributor role. With that setting, the Contributor still could not browse or search users.

5. I had to turn the Admin module off; otherwise, my contributors couldn’t perform their work. I’m open to granting you access to the site if you want to look around for the issue. I was really hoping it was something you’ve seen before and had a quick fix.

6. One other note, when I uninstalled the non-Pro version, my license in the Pro version was removed. I didn’t realize it until the next day. I put the license back in and verified it.