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Hi Vladimir,
I replaced our 4.28.2 version with the development version 4.29.b4 (on a testing site). Immediately the issue was resolved – awesome; thanks! To initially test, I simply blocked all the Posts menu items again, via the Admin Menu module (for the affected roles). Those roles no longer see the Posts menu item, and are still able to filter WC orders by Date, Customer, etc. Great!

I remain curious about one thing: you mention that ‘edit_posts’ capability is not required to allow work with WC Orders. Recently during development, I think I had our internal roles set up like that (at least briefly). Those roles could Add/Create orders without any Posts capability. We are now on live site (launched yesterday) and all plugin versions & usage are same as before. However now these internal roles cannot Create orders unless I give them ‘edit_posts’ AND ‘create_posts’ capabilities. I’m not sure why. Also it is not really a problem now for daily operations, once we can put 4.29.b4 “stable” version on live site… But I want to figure out how to Not have those Posts capabilities enabled, since I have to then block them.

For example, our Sales role has the following WC capabilities allowed:


They also have general ‘read’ of course, and have ability to ‘create_users’, ‘edit_users’ and ‘list_users’ as well.

With that setup… (plus usage of Admin Menu and Meta Boxes modules to deny additional things)… they cannot Add New Order. IF I also apply those two Posts capabilities (edit and create), then they are able to Add New Orders.

Please let me know why this may be? Thank you!