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Thank you – that was successful hiding the Resend Order Emails option “Refunded Order”, in the Order Actions drop-down.

However the role can still select “Refunded” in the Order Status drop-down. Then if the role saves order, it will update order totals as being fully refunded.

Now I wonder though: if I did hide that “Refunded” order status option for role, then would it cause problem if role was viewing an old order that was previously refunded – meaning would its order status be missing/show blank?

I want to keep using your code above… Then instead of also trying to hide Refunded order status from drop-down… is it better or possible to restrict role from Saving the order IF he has “Refunded” as selected status option? So if he tried to save with that status, he’d get the message popup that he doesn’t have the permissions. I think that’d be ideal.

I really appreciate your help on this.