Following these instructions: https://www.role-editor.com/block-wordpress-admin-menu-items/

I was able to get a role to access certain Widget Blocks. Unfortunately, the plugin that I gave access to this role shares the same capability. So now I have two more plugins accessible by this role that share the same capability, but I don’t want this role to get access to these plugins.

So how do I exclude these other plugins that share the same capability and still give access to the role to only the Widget Blocks?

For example,
Role: IT
Plugin: Widget Blocks
Capability: edit_posts, create_posts (I selected the following: edit_posts, edit_others_posts—this had to be selected–,create_posts, edit_published_posts)
Posts edit: 8981, 8983

Other plugins that share the same Capabilities:
Plugin: AGP Icons
Capability: manage_options, edit_posts

Plugin: Meta Slider
Capability: I don’t know because I can’t see it listed in the Admin Menu. So obviously this must share a capability.

So how do I get rid of access to AGP Icons and Meta Slider for this role?