To what post type post with ID=1601 really belongs: post, page or custom post type (CPT)? You need to know this to be clear what capabilities are in use for item with ID=1601: posts, pages or special for that CPT.

User should be capable to edit this CPT item before you apply edit restrictions with URE. So if item ID=1601 was created by other author, user should have ‘edit_others_pages’ for pages, ‘edit_others_posts’ for posts or CPT which uses the same capabilities as posts do, or ‘edit_others_cptname’ for that CPT, e.g. ‘edit_others_videos’ for videos CPT.

You may look at ‘Admin Menu’ at this CPT menu for administrator role to be sure what capabilities CPT uses.

“Look at Roles” is related to the “What to do” (restriction type) field only: prohibit or allow or look 1st not empty value from roles assigned to this user.

So if you need to add a special restriction just for this user make it at this user profile without reference to the roles, assigned to this user.

You may set edit restrictions at the role level and use them for the group of users.