Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for the modified code. At first I thought it had made no different as when I check the list I thought ‘shop_coupon’ would be grouped together. However, these new coupon Meta Boxes now show at the end of the page separate to where Coupon Data is – nonetheless, this has fixed both Revolution Slider and Author Meta Box. Furthermore, when I create an order, my earlier issue post #2062 – this error no longer appears when I go to create an order.

Also – thank you for that post highlighting how to use duplicate product capability whilst keeping ‘manage_woocommerce’ enabled, it has worked perfectly!

The only remaining issue left is the PHP error message shown on ‘Vendor’ role.

Notice: Undefined offset: 3 in /user-role-editor-pro/includes/pro/classes/admin-menu-access.php on line 119

Here is the screenshot – I have not changed any of the settings or capabilities for ‘Vendor’ role:


And these are the capabilities:


Thanks for all your help, truly appreciate it!

Many Thanks,