Hi Jawad,


1) I found a bug in URE Pro with WC Vendors activated. Quick fix:
open user-role-editor-pro/includes/pro/classes/meta-boxes.php
and replace update_meta_boxes_list_copy() function at line #33 with this version

    public function update_meta_boxes_list_copy() {
        global $wp_meta_boxes;
        if (empty($wp_meta_boxes) || self::$meta_boxes_list!=null) { 
        self::$meta_boxes_list = get_option(self::META_BOXES_LIST_COPY_KEY, array());
        foreach($wp_meta_boxes as $screen=>$contexts) {            
            foreach($contexts as $context=>$priorities) {
                foreach($priorities as $priority=>$meta_boxes) {
                    foreach($meta_boxes as $meta_box) {
                        if (empty($meta_box) || !isset($meta_box['id'])) {
                        $mb = new StdClass();
                        $mb->id = $meta_box['id'];
                        $mb->title = $meta_box['title'];
                        $mb->screen = $screen;
                        $mb->context = $context;
                        $mb->priority = $priority;
                        $mb_hash = md5($mb->id . $mb->screen . $mb->context);
                        self::$meta_boxes_list[$mb_hash] = $mb;
        update_option(self::META_BOXES_LIST_COPY_KEY, self::$meta_boxes_list);                
    // end of update_meta_boxes_list_copy()

where this condition was added:

if (empty($meta_box) || !isset($meta_box['id'])) {

After this reopen Coupon editor page and you will find at User Role Editor -> Meta Boxes needed metaboxes from Coupon editor page.

Revolution Slider adds its options meta box for the posts only by default. So I can not test it myself for coupons. I suppose that some plugin or theme makes that at your installation. But URE processes a ‘Revolution Slider Options’ meta box from post editor normally, so you should see it for coupons too.

Let me know the result. Thanks.