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On a general note: Documentation is a little messy due to a suite of blog posts explaining new features when they where implemented. Often, screenshots don’t match the most recent version of URE. For someone new to URE, it takes a long time to get these pieces together in your own head. (Thanks for your support yesterday, on Halloween!, BTW)

What I miss most is an overview of your “philosophy”, i.e. architectual concept behind multisite role-based access. Or a helicopter view description of what URE can do in a multisite environment PLUS what it can not do (so well) or where conflicts might arise. is maybe helpful for your structuring. I am not sure it clarifies a lot for newbie users of URE…

Finally, some sticky “HowTo” blog posts that match the most recent version would be helpful, i.e. “HowTo implement URE in a freshly set up multisite for XYZ application”.


P.S. The plugin is great! Thanks for your work!