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Thanks for sharing this.

It’s a good point to start with.
Let’s imaging we have the ‘Roles’ menu under Network Admin, which lists all existing roles in alphabetical order. And what’s further? This needs to be discussed.
Users under Network Admin is about add/remove a user to the subsite. There is nothing about user rights at that subsite here, because user may have different roles and capabilities at every subsite.

We may list roles similar Users list, that is to show the list of roles with sublist (at every role row) of subsites at which this role exists.
1) if you wish to edit this role, physically it has a separate data set at every subsite. So the link ‘Edit’ under the role does not have sense in this mode. We need ‘edit’ link for every subsite.
2) There are the multisite networks with very large quant of subsites (thousands). So the listing of this kind is unusable for the large networks.

2nd (preferable) way to show this information – list all existing roles from all existing subsites as a separate rows with these required columns: role name, subsite. So you may quickly filter out needed role. There will be the ‘Edit’ link to open the selected role of selected subsite, ‘Delete’ link.
What’s additional (including network related) functionality may be needed/available here?

As about current model of work with roles under network admin, it’s appeared not at the empty place. A lot of multisite network owners wish to have the same roles set at every subsite. So this is a way to synchronize changes from the main site to the whole network.
I’m ready to include more details to the confirmation message linked to the ‘Network Update’ button. Do you have your variant of such message?