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Came here to report a similar bug. Am using the Pro version of the plugin, Divi theme from Elegant Themes (which also has a user role settings section). When I enable the Admin Menu module, using “Not selected” will cause serious problems with the user’s access to the post edit screen. Detailed explanation follows:

I want the Contributor role to only be able to edit posts of the Page type, but when you disable edit_posts the Tags section is rendered unusable (it’s there but with no input field). So, I allowed everything basic posts related and in stead turned to the Admin Menu module, checking menu items using the “Not selected” option. When I tried to edit my Page (as a Contributor), the list of posts (Pages) would just reload. I could not get to the edit post screen. Certain combinations of ticks would cause a redirect to the Dashboard instead of reloading the list of Pages.

Using the “Selected” option, everything seems to be working fine.