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FYI – here is the reply I got from WP Engine support regarding this issue…

Hi there,

I’m actually seeing a few issues with this plugin. For instance it’s plugin page is throwing an instant error that could have something to do with why this plugin is not avaible for update:

I saw that you put in a support request to the plugin’s support forum which is great. I can imagine based on their most recent update release that their ability to define the plugin’s licence key in the wp-config.php may have something to do with it:

As of right now there is no clear error being generated on our end because of this failed update and does look like a plugin conflict between it and the Divi theme made by Elegant Themes.

A temporary work around may be to either deactivate the theme during low traffic time and attempt the update or by deactivating and removing the User Role Editor plugin and installing the latest downloaded version. Not great options and I would highly recommend backing up the site before making either of those changes so I would recommend waiting to hear back from the plugin developer and let us know if they find something specific to our platform.

We would usually recommend testing this issue in staging but because it’s related to a licence key it’s very unlikely we woule be able to reproduce the issue using the URL as it wouldn’t have a licence key for either and making the update would likely fail there.

Feel free to pass this information to them and apologies there isn’t anything clear for us to point to with this one.

Best wishes,

Richard | Enterprise Support Specialist
WP Engine