Thanks, Tom.

It’s quite right decision when you can not input changes into the plugin source code – plugin author does not agree to apply suggested changes, for example.

As you take decisions yourself, you may take into account another model – use your own custom user capabilities to protect ‘Job Manager’ plugin menu items. For example, some times site owner may wish to give to the user access to the “Job Manager->Settings”, but he does not wish to give him access to the full “WordPress->Settings” menu. When plugins uses “manage_options” site owner should use URE Pro “Admin menu access” add-on or an alternative decision. If you use your own user capability, e.g. ‘job_man_manage_options’ it will simplifies the things. This way site owner will may manage access to this menu item directly via add/remove capability to the role.

You need to add your own custom capabilities automatically to the “Administrator” role during plugin activation of course.